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Political Campaign On-boarding Information

This is a simple guide to efficiently get your campaign's digital advertising started.

Complete Media Contract

VXM will provide you with a media contract which will cover the scope of your campaign. To get started, this is the first step in the process.

  • Sign and complete the media contract (via SignNow).

  • If you campaign is set to start within 30 days, you will need to make payment on your campaign to be sure it starts on time.

Note: VXM will send the media contract to you via SignNow, which is a digital signature service. (Please check you spam folder for this contract.)

Facebook Disclaimer to Run Political Ads

The simplest way to complete the set up process is to add VXM to the admin of your Facebook page.

For users who are more experience with Facebook Business Manager, please add VXM as an Agency Partner on Facebook Business Manager.

Do not struggle through this. If you are having trouble, call us!

Share Brand Kits, Creatives & Content

Please use a cloud based file sharing system like Google Drive or DropBox to share the following items.

  • Logos

  • High resolution images

  • Video

  • Brand Kit / Color Schemes

  • Any & all other marketing materials you are currently distributing through all channels (direct mail, TV, radio, etc.)

Bottom line: the more content and information we have, the better!


Billing & Payments

All inquires on invoices and payments can be sent to Mark Gronberg. Mark can be reached at (508) 591-3010 or via email at mark@vxmdrive.com.


If you require a W-9 from VXM, please send this request in an email to mark@vxmdrive.com.

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